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Performance Assessment & Simple Ggradebook

Performance Gradebook is a complete assessment system for teachers and professors.

One secure Windows app to store and calculate grades, take attendance, write comments, and fill in rubrics.


The Interface is Familiar

Start working right away, adding names and assignments, because the program looks and works like a simple, familiar spreadsheet.


Taking Attendance is Fast

You take attendance every day. Click the button marked “Absent,” and the deed is done. The gradebook keeps track of each student’s complete attendance record (including how many minutes of class were missed from lateness).


Working with Rubrics is Easy

Use your rubrics and assign student performance values by clicking and selecting values. It’s faster than doing it by hand, and you and your students have a record of what you wrote.


Make Feedback Consistent

If students have the same problems from paper to paper, use comment snippets to standardize their feedback and avoid writing the same comments over and over.


Share the Workload

Once you have created a rubric feedback form, save it for reuse or sharing with colleagues.


Tweak your Rubrics Without Having to Recopy Everything

Changing a rubric is as easy as changing text in a word processor table.


Provide Students and Parents with Professional Looking Reports–Instantly

Your automatically formatted reports are professional looking; they show your care and dedication to students. They are ready to print or (automatically) e-mail.



Wizards for creating new gradebooks and new rubrics help you get started right away.


Grade the Way You Want

Set up your gradebook using weighted categories (or straight points). Perf. Gradebook takes care of the necessary calculations.


Share Everything with Colleagues, Reuse Your Work in the Future

Templates let you reuse or share grading schemes, rubrics, and comment snippets.